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Program of Europe Island Festival (13-16 June 2019)
15:30-16:00,Independence Square
Opening of the exhibition "Hasidic Lad from Vinnytsia" (to the 180th anniversary of Isaac Joel Linetzky)
16:00-16:50,Independence Square
Discussion "Ukrainian Haskalah: Jewish Literature vs. Jews in the Literature". Participants: Serhiy Hirik, Anatoliy Kerzhner, Leonid Finberg. Moderator: Anna Vovchenko.
17:00-17:50,Independence Square
Presentation of Natalka Dolyak's novel "Where the Grass Is Greener." Moderator: Julia Brovarna
18:00-18:50,Independence Square
Festival opening. Concert of Knafaim Jewish Singing Band.
12:00-12:50,Lvovych Manor
Discussion "Island Gives Birth to the Continent: Eastern European Landscape and Israeli Classics". Participants: Anatoliy Kerzhner, Siarhiej Šupa, Maryana Maksymyak. Moderator: Leonid Finberg.
13:00-13:40,Prybutkovyi Lane (rain reserve: Independence Square)
Poetry of Liberty: Yuriy Izdryk.
14:00-14:50,"Ye" Bookstore terrace
Lecture by Iryna Starovoyt "The Female Line: Experience and Controversial Attempts of Families Memory Rapprochement".
15:00-15:50, Independence Square
Discussion "Crimean Switzerland One Hundred Years Ago and Now: The Problem of De-occupation". Participants: Refat Chubarov, Gulnara Bekirova. Moderator: Iryna Starovoyt
16:00-16:40,Kumbary stairs (rain reserve: Independence Square)
Poetry readings: Katrina Haddad and Kateryna Kalytko.
17:00-17:50,Independence Square
Discussion "Woman and Her War: Finding and Standing for One's Voice". Participants: Dragica Rajčić, Aliye Kence-Ali, Katrina Haddad. Moderator: Anna Vovchenko.
18:00-18:50,Independence Square
Panorama of the Crimean Tatar literature: conversation around the anthologies "And the Day Was Born" and "Crimean Fig (Qırım Inciri)" with the participation of Alim Aliev and Anastasia Levkova. Moderator: Kateryna Kalytko.
19:00-19:50Independence Square
Integration in Emigration: an author's meeting with Dragica Rajčić. Translation by Mark Belorusets and Olexandra Grygorenko. Moderator: Kateryna Kalytko.
20:30-21:30,Bootlegger and Dushechka
Music and poetry project "ARTERIA" (Dmytro Lazutkin feat. Borys Sevastyanov).
10:30-12:00,Campa Island
Crimean Tatar musical and poetry reading "Yeşil Ada: Green (Pen)Insula". Participants: Seyare Kokçe, Aliye Kence-Ali, Elvira Saryhalil. Registration on the ship at the link
12:00-12:50,Lvovych Manor
Discussion "Bridges Instead of Walls: 100 Years of Union" with the participation of Kateryna Kalytko, Alim Aliev, Katrina Haddad, Mykola Riabchuk. Moderator: Tetyana Teren.
13:00-13:40, Prybutkovyi Lane (rain reserve: Independence Square)
Poetry of Liberty: Oksana Zabuzhko.
14:00-14:50,"Ye" Bookstore terrace
Presentation of the book "A Woman in Berlin" featuring Roksolana Sviato and Oksana Lutsyshyna. Moderator: Olena Huseynova.
15:00-15:50, Independence Square
Conversation-reading "Double Translation: Foreigners Speaking". Participants: Yuliya Tsimafeyeva, Miruna Vlada, Kateryna Kalytko. Moderator: Anna Vovchenko.
16:00-16:40,Kumbary stairs (rain reserve: Independence Square)
Poetry readings by Julia Musakovska and Julia Brovarna.
17:00-17:50,Independence Square
The Right of Voice: Romanian. Reading of Miruna Vlada. Moderator: Anna Vovchenko.
18:00-19:00,Independence Square
Being a Robinson: author's meeting with Maciej Płaza. Translation by Olena Sheremet. Moderator: Ganna Uliura.
19:30-20:20, Kotsiubynskyi Garden (rain reserve: HUB "City of Content")
The premiere of the new program "Ships" by the band "Three Steps Into the Night".
20:30-21:30, Kotsiubynskyi Garden (rain reserve: HUB "City of Content")
Izdryk: LIVE Music and Poetry Concert.
22:30-01:00,Червоний Цепелін
Night of poetry and music. Performances by János Áfra, Henyk Bieliakov, musical performance by Pavlo Korobchuk and The Velvet Sun "Amy Winehouse. Body and Soul".
11:00-14:00, Library #1
Children's events of the Old Lion Publishing House: Galyna Tkachuk, Iryna Lazutkina, Kateryna Mikhalitsyna.
12:00-12:50,Independence Square
Discussion "Body and Literature: Personal as Political and Textual". Participants: Oksana Zabuzhko, Yuliya Tsimafeyeva, Aleksandra Zielińska. Moderator: Ganna Uliura.
13:00-13:40,ПPrybutkovyi Lane (rain reserve: Independence Square)
The Poetry of Liberty: Natalka Bilotserkivets and Mykola Riabchuk.
14:00-14:50,"Ye" Bookstore terrace
Meeting with the UNESCO City of Literature Prize winner Petro Yatsenko. Moderator: Anastasia Levkova.
15:00-15:50,Independence Square
Panel discussion "Generation-1989: Literature of the European Freedom". Participants: János Áfra, Henyk Bieliakov, Aleksandra Zielińska, Lucie Faulerová. Moderator: Pavlo Korobchuk.
16:00-16:40,Kumbary stairs (rain reserve: Independence Square)
Poetry reading: Kateryna Mikhalitsyna and Iryna Starovoyt.
17:40-18:20,Independence Square
The Dust Catchers: An Author's Meeting with Lucie Faulerová. Translation by Volodymyr Dzeverin.
18:30-20:00,Lvovych Manor
Author's meeting with Oksana Zabuzhko. Presentation of books "And Again I Enter the Tank", "After the Third Call, Entrance to the Hall Is Prohibited".
20:30-21:50,Kotsiubynskyi Garden (rain reserve: HUB "City of Content")
Closing of the Festival. Mariana Sadovska's concert "The Night is Just Beginning".
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